• Welcome to the Bengal Forest. You are in unfamiliar territory and to carry back good memories and avoid unnecessary accidents, it is essential to respect nature and recognise our limitations.
    Dos on a ride / safari
  • Always carry permit from Forest Department. The safari / ride is done inside the forest area with wild animals in plenty. Please wear befitting clothes.
  • Always follow your guide
  • Please carry your own medicine / first aid kit.
  • Always move in groups. Neither get left behind nor leave your partners behind.
  • Respect local culture, religions, social customs and norms. You are the outsider here.
    Don’ts on a ride / safari
  • Do not leave plastic or non-degradable material behind they do not agree with the natural surroundings.
  • Do not pollute water, air or soil. Do not leave anything behind except foot prints
  • Do not smoke, drink alcohol or litter during the safari / ride. The natural air is more intoxicating.
  • Do not create noise during the safari / ride, which disturbs the wildlife. Enjoy the sound of the forest.
  • Do not light fires en-route or throw inflammables. Forests are the repository of Carbon.
  • Do not collect any vegetation or poach (kill / capture / injure) any wild fauna. Take back only memories and photographs.
  • Do not deviate from the designated route.
  • Do not undertake graffiti on any natural or man-made property; nature does not expect artistic contributions from you.
  • Do not wear highly colourful clothes. It can offend wild animals.
  • Forests have enough wildlife. Do not take your pets along.